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  Since the department foundation in 1935 it became one of the best known places in Russia for clinical training of maxillofacial and oral surgeons. Every year about 200 Russian and foreign dentists are graduating from the department.

  Nowadays the department also is the place of the great scientific activity, of which the main sites of interest are:
Urgent oral surgery
Maxillofacial surgery (trauma and inflammation diseases of the maxillofacial region)
Reconstructive maxillofacial surgery
Inborn pathology of the maxillofacial region
Implant dentistry

  From year 2000 more than 1000 dental and maxillofacial surgeons have passed clinical training in the department, 2 dentists acquired doctors degree, 7 PhD degree. For these five years over 100 scientific works were written by department personnel and published.

  The department usually takes part in The International Conference of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeons. The next conference (XI) will take place in May 2006 in St.-Petersburg.

  In September 2004 opened new medical centre, where personnel of the department perform cases treating in cooperation with other departments (prosthodontics, orthodontics and general dentistry departments.).

Head of the Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery Department
Alexandr A.Limberg 1935 - 1974
Vladimir A. Kozlov1974 - 2003
Alexey V. Vasilyev2003 -

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